Originally artisan, family Werdmüller rose through the ranks to the trading regent of the aristocracy.
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Inside the Werdmüller castle.

Inside the Werdmüller castle.

A natural inquiry.

I have three parts to my last name. Werdmüller (or Wertmüller) is the family surname, von translates to "from", and Elgg is the town in Switzerland my ancestors hail from.

Interesting fact: Lina Wertmüller von Elgg was the first woman ever to be nominated for an Academy Award for Directing. The film she was nominated for was Seven Beauties.

The short version of the story...

A long time ago, three brothers left Switzerland to join the Dutch navy. They were stationed in Indonesia, where they married and procreated. Generations later, their children moved to the USA. The rest is history.


Schloss Elgg (Werdmüller Castle in Elgg, Switzerland)